Welcome to Golfview Women's Club

The Golfview Hills Women's Club (GHWC) is a group of ambitious and dedicated women striving for a better community through service projects, social events and philanthropic support. Organized over 50 years ago by a group of 17 women, the Club takes great pride in the many accomplishments achieved over the years.

In its early years, the Women's Club assumed much of the work now being done by the Golfview Hills Homes Association.  Designing and installing playground equipment in Zimmerman Park was among its first projects.  In the ensuing years the Club has contributed funds for additional equipment, a flagpole, park benches, picnic tables, landscaping, and entrance sign lighting.

The Club has a philanthropic goal of helping those in need. Our fundraising for selected charities is accomplished by our annual luminaria, community holiday card, and raffles at our events.

The Women's Club is proud to be one of the organizations working to maintain Golfview as a very special place to live

Membership is offered to any current or past woman resident of Golfview Hills with payment of annual dues. 

New in 2023: You can now pay your annual GHWC dues of $25/year online using Square. Click here to pay your GHWC dues online.

2023-2024 Board

President: Vacant

Past President:
Mary Satchwell

HOA Liaison/Member at Large
: Deb Feldman

Melissa Lively

Chris Collins

Karen Morse

Community Liaison:
Arlene Bowland

Bea Wolfe

Special Programs:

New Neighbor Ambassador: Anne Cahill

Advertising/Member at Large: Mary Jaworski

Members at Large: Shirley Stavinga & Luz Canino-Baker

Past Presidents

Social and Community Events

Throughout the years, GHWC, and sometimes with the HOA or Park District, have sponsored many social and community events. Past events included a float for the Hinsdale July 4th Parade, Fall Fest or Winter Fest (alternate years), Winter Chili Supper, and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Meeting programs, interest groups and dinners are enjoyed by members throughout the years. 

Photos of Events

2023-2024 GHWC Board Minutes/Communications
September Women's Board Minutes
November Women's Board Minutes

2023 GHWC Bylaws


GH Women's Club Philanthropic Support

Welcome to the Golfview Hills Women's Club, where philanthropy meets community engagement.  At the heart of our club's mission is a commitment to making a positive impact in our local community.  We are a non-profit organization that supports charities with financial gifts and collected items generously donated by our Golfview neighbors.

Beginning in 2019, the GHWC board determined that charitable organizations would be supported for a two-year period to make a more substantial financial impact for the selected organization.  Additionally, the GHWC established a formal process for nominating local philanthropic organizations whose values align with ours.

The next opportunity to nominate a charitable organization for support by the GHWC will occur in the Fall of 2025.  We welcome members to nominate an organization for consideration using the provided selection criteria.

We truly appreciate the support of our members, fellow Golfview residents, as well as former Golfview residents and friends to allow us to have a positive impact on our community! 

Current Philanthropy Recipient- BEDS Plus

How to You Can Help- BEDS Plus

GHWC Philanthropic Past Recipients   

GHWC Philanthropic Selection Criteria

2023 Organization Nomination Form