Golfview Hills Luminaria
Light Up Golfview Hills 

There are many reasons why people of different cultures around the world continue to have special festive lights at night. The custom goes back as far as 25AD-200AD with paper lanterns in China. It has continued for centuries in Mexico, southeast Asia, the Middle East and here in the U.S., often to honor those who have gone before.

The multiple lights of Luminaria represent different things to us all.   Along our streets we will celebrate the warmth we feel in our hearts and the hope for tomorrow for our neighbors, friends and families.

Members of the Golfview Hills Women’s Club hope you will join us and light Luminaria for one night, December 24th (if inclement weather the night of January 1st).

The profits from Luminaria fundraising event will support our philanthropic goals.

If you have questions, contact Mary Jaworski, Chair 630/730-6419,

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